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    BASIS- (Business Application System Integrated Solution)


    BASIS Module: SAP ERP BASIS module covers the ERP Basis and Security Technology. ERP BASIS means a ‘Basis Administrator’ or ‘ERP System Administrator’ it should include system administration tasks such as

    Managing the database
    Transporting development and configuration objects from one SAP system to another
    Monitoring system performance to ensure no interruption in system stability occurs in the SAP production environment
    Installing and upgrading the software on the servers, and system security
    BASIS Security refers to both application securities in the SAP Runtime environment and the system access outside the SAP Runtime environment
    The user accounts defined for users in the SAP Runtime environment are secured by roles that grant authorizations to them
    SAP Authorizations control access to transactions. For example, a user may be able to create sales orders, but only for their specific sales area, sales office and customer.



    SAP Fiori is a design language and user experience approach developed by SAP for use by SAP, its customers and its partners in business applications. SAPUI5 is a set of libraries to build responsive web applications that run on multiple devices like Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet. SAPUI5 works on MVC concept to accelerate the development cycle by creating data, business logic, and representation of data separately on the view. So the development of view and controller can take place independently to create models (data containers).SAPUI5 is the latest in the series of SAP UI development technologies. In order to provide web integration for the underlying SAP ERP system, SAP came up with multiple UI development technologies like BSP (Business server pages), PDK (Portal development kit), Web Dynpro Java, Web Dynpro ABAP. And the successor of Web Dynpro ABAP is SAPUI5.

    Prerequisites for SAP UI5 Fiori

    • Basic ABAP programming concepts.
    • Basic knowledge of HTML5
    • Knowledge of Javascript is must
    • Basic concepts of XML Language
    • Basic concepts of OData
  • ABAP

    SAP Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)


    SAP Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP):

    SAP ABAP is a high-level 4th generation programming language designed by SAP. It is used as the language for programming the SAP Application Server. The SAP Application Server is a component of its NetWeaver platform that is used for building business applications. Both ABAP and SAP NetWeaver are technical components of the SAP ERP system. The best part of ABAP certification is that you need not necessarily have any prior work/domain experience before undergoing training. What requires is programming and analytical skills with a strong hold on database & OOPS concept.