PM Consultant Level Outline:

Course Content:

Unit 1 Introduction to SAP ERP

Unit 2 Master Data for Production.

Access & Creating Types Of Data.

Using Organization Elements & Master Data In Production.


Unit 3 Organization Data In Supply Chain Management.

Creating a Plant In SAP ERP.

Creating Storage Location in SAP ERP

Creating MRP Areas.


Unit 4 Material Master.

Structure of Material Master Records.

Maintaining prerequisite For Creating Material Master Records.

Creating Material Master Records.

Classifying Material Master Records.

Managing Material Master Records.


Unit 5 Bill Of Materials.

Structure of BOMs.

Managing BOMs.

Changing BOMs with Engineering Change Management.

Analyzing BOMs

Configuring BOMs


Unit 6 Task Lists.

Structure Of Task Lists.

Creating Material Assignment & Component Allocation.

Creating Sub-operation & User Define Filed.

Analyzing & Changing Task Lists.


Unit 7 Modeling Manufacturing Process.

Structure of Master Data.

Creating Work Center.

Creating Capacities In Work Center.

Integrating Costing With Work Center.


Unit 8 Order Processing & Structure.

Processing production order.

Order creation.

Order release

Order Document.

Order settlement, Archiving & Deletion.


Unit 9 Production Process.

Material Staging.

Goods Assignment.

Goods Issue

Goods Receipt.



Unit 10 Demand Management.

Outline Demand Management.

Planning With Make to Order.

Planning With Make To Stock.

Analyzing Availability Checks.


Unit 11 Material Requirement Planning & Execution.

Outline Material Requirement Planning.

Setting up MRP prerequisite.



Setting up MRP Run

Executing MRP Run

Planning MRP interactively.


Unit 12 Technical Process for MRP.

Calculating Net requirement.

Calculating lot size.

Selecting Procurement Type.

Setting up Basic Date Scheduling.

Setting Up Lead Time Scheduling.

Selecting BOM & Routing (Recipe)