Mansoor Ali Siddiqui (QM)

Male Instructor


M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology from Karachi University) – 2008

MBA (Quality Management from Hamdard University) – ongoing, enrolled in 2020

Meticulous quality oriented QA professional with 13+ years of progressive experience and successful contribution in quality assurance management, continuous improvement, organizational change management, IMS (Integrated Management System), customer service, team building, project management, process improvement, business analysis evaluation, product development life cycle methodologies, supplier management, safety/regulatory compliance, validation/qualification of equipment’s & areas, QA processes, QA standards, QA audit, product testing and systems in a wide range of organization. Committed to ensuring that all established quality standards are followed. Specialize in evaluating the quality of manufactured products and the processes with which such products are created.

Work Profile (starting from recent):

⦁ SJG Fazul Ellahi Pharma

⦁ ATCO Pharma

⦁ GETZ Pharma

⦁ Hilton Pharma

⦁ Asian Continental Pharma

⦁ Swiss Pharma

⦁ Artistic Milliner Denim Textile Mills


Job Role and Responsibilities

⦁ A SAP QM expert should have a Bachelor’s degree in science, Engineering and have experience in SAP related modules, and QM integration with different modules in SAP system.

⦁ A SAP QM expert is responsible for the configuration of SAP Quality Management area to meet the business requirement to enhance the quality management process.

⦁ Designing and Configuration of Supply Chain Management and production support in SCM functional area to implement the QM solution.

⦁ Responsible for deploying QM system to meet business strategy across functional teams and writing the technical documentation for QM process.

⦁ He communicates and coordinates with business users, managers and Quality Management leads to ensure the integration of processes and modules across organization.

⦁ An ability to solve complex problems quickly and creatively.

⦁ Strong knowledge of Quality Management processes and techniques and with a confident approach and excellent communication skills.

⦁ Knowledge of different Quality Management and Defect management tools.


⦁ Quality Planning − Quality planning allows to plan the inspection of goods from the vendor, raw material, work-in-process, and final product.

⦁ Quality Inspection − Here, quality results are captured and decision is taken as to whether an inspection lot is to be accepted or rejected.


SAP QM is integrated with other SAP modules to perform the quality planning, inspection and control process. You can integrate this with the following modules −

⦁ SAP Material Management

⦁ SAP Production Planning

⦁ SAP Sales and Distribution

SAP QM – Master Data

Quantitative specifications

You can directly get the results for quantitative specifications from inspection while recording the result. You can set the limits like minimum and maximum value for each parameter at the master level. You can also attach the inspection method to the inspection specification level.

Qualitative specifications

These specifications can take values like true/false or OK/Not OK.


SAP QM – Inspection Methods

SAP QM – Sampling

SAP QM – Inspection Plan

SAP QM – Result Recording

SAP QM – Usage Decision (UD)

SAP QM – Final Inspection

SAP QM – CoA Generation