Our Trainings

We deliver SAP trainings in two different levels because a specialized SAP training is required to develop skills set in particular Technical & Functional areas. These levels are :

1 . SAP Consultant Level:

If a candidate wants to become SAP consultant in his/her domain(Technical/Functional), then they should opt this level of training

2. SAP User Level:

If an individual’s goal is to be able work in any company that uses SAP so that he/she can easily record & report all the tasks related to his/her domain(Accounts & Finance /Procurement/HR/ etc), then they should choose this level of training

Detailed Overview:
SAP Consultant Level V/S End User Level Training- Major Differences


(a) Purpose/Goal:

This training is provided to develop skills set how to implement SAP in any company and provide production support to end users.
It covers Configuration, Master Data, Business Transactions, and Reporting. This training also covers end users training.

(b) Roles of SAP Consultant:

  • Configuration of SAP Module as per business blueprint in SAP Live project.
  • Business process mapping of companies.
  • Prepare Test Sheet, Conduct unit and integration testing in live project.
  • Prepare user manual, training documents for end users
  • Conduct role based user training.
  • Provide end-to-end solution for day-to-day production issues in post-implementation support project.

(c) Promotion Level of SAP Consultant:

  1. Associate Consultant
  2. Consultant
  3. Senior Consultant
  4. Lead Consultant
  5. Project Manager
  6. Solution Architect


(a) Purpose/Goal:

This training is provided to develop skills set how to work in SAP. It covers business process knowledge, creation of basic master data, posting-transactions, and do/view/review reports

(b) Roles of End User:

  • SAP end users perform different roles as per user role assignment and job description
  • End user training is provided to each employee as per role assignment and business process requirement.
  • End-users record business transactions in SAP system, check reports and take business decisions
  • Generally, four types of users teams are formed to execute business processes
  1. Master Data Team
  2. Transaction Processing Team
  3. Reconciliation and Reporting Team
  4. Quality Team

(c) Promotion Levels of SAP End User:

  • 1. Process Associate
  • 2. Senior Process Associate
  • 3. Trainer
  • 4. Assistant Manager/ Team Lead
  • 5. Manager
  • 6. Operating Head
  • 7. VP (Vice President)