1. SAP FICO Basics

  • Financial Accounting Org Structure
  • Controlling Org Structure
  • Useful FICO config and master data for FICA posting

2. SAP FICA Basics

  • Concept and special functions in FI-CA
  • Event Technology
  • Parallel Mass Processes in FI-CA
  • Master Data Objects in FI-CA
  • Industries using FICA and their business model (BRIM, PSCD, IS-T, TRM)

3. SAP BRIM Data Model

  • Components of BRIM and data flow
  • Integration of CI with FICA

4. SAP ISU Data Model

  • Business Master Data
  • Technical Master Data

5. Documents

  • Lifecycle of Documents
  • Document Structures
  • Posting Documents (individual/ mass posting)
  • Integration with General Ledger Accounting
  • Account Balance Display

6. Transactions and Account Determination

  • Structure of Transactions
  • Enhancement in FICA documents
  • General Ledger Account Determination

7. FICA Taxation

  • Output Tax on FICA Invoice
  • Withholding Tax

8. Incoming Payments

  • Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments
  • Manual Payment Lots 
  • Enhancement in Payment Lot for batch posting
  • Clarification Processing
  • Cash Desk/Cash Journal

9. Payment Run

  • Prerequisites of Payment Settlement
  • Payment program
  • Payment Medium

10. Returns Processing

  • Configuration of Returns
  • Processing of Returns
  • Enhancement in Return Lot for batch posting

11. Clearing Control

  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Configurations of Clearing Strategy (FIFO/ LIFO etc)

12. Dunning and Collections

  • Dunning –Terminology
  • Configuration and Execution of Dunning Run
  • Dunning by Dunning Procedure
  • Dunning by Collection Strategy with BRF+
  • Submission to External Collection Agency
  • Information file to Collection Agency

13. Interest Calculations

  • Calculation of Interest on Items
  • Interest Keys and Calculation Rules
  • Processing of Interest Calculation
  • Interest on Cash Security Deposits

14. Deferral/Instalment Plan

  • Deferral: Definition and Processing
  • Instalment Plan: Definition and Processing
  • Manual and Automatic Deactivation of Instalment Plan

15. Other Business Transactions

  • Account Maintenance
  • Reversing Documents and Reset Clearing
  • Document Transfer (Debt or payments)
  • Write Off

16. Security Deposits

  • Cash and Non-Cash Security Deposit
  • Request, Payment and Release of Cash Security Deposit
  • Interest on Cash Security Deposits

17. Further Integration of FI-CA in SAP Modules

  • Integration with GL
  • Recon Key close and Transfer
  • Analyse FI and CO document
  • GL line item balance analysis
  • Impact of FICA posting on Financial Statement Version

18. Difference between ECC and S4 HANA

  • Update in GL Master Data
  • Update in Bank Accounting

19. Difference between BRIM FICA and ISU FICA

  • Difference in Account Determination
  • Difference in Integration point (CI-FICA vs ISU Billing-FICA)

20. Technical knowledge for FICA functional consultant

  • Event determination
  • Event Enhancement
  • Basics of debugging

21. Cutover handling

  • Conversion/ Migration doc posting logic
  • Mass job variant scheduling

22. FICA Documentations

  • Business Process Documentation
  • Functional Specification

23. FICA Reporting

  • Aging Report
  • GL Transfer Report
  • Account Balance Display
  • Payment Report